2023 Board Member Nominations

Check out the nominees and their bios about why they would like to join the board! 

We appreciate each of the nominees and community members for continuing to support Trans-E-Motion. If you would like to cast your votes please follow the link below. 



Alex Sanchez

Running for Chair

My name is Alex Sanchez (he/él) and I’ve been volunteering with Trans-E-Motion for 5 years now. I served as a Board Member at Large in 2020 and currently I volunteer by co-facilitating the support groups and monthly socials. I’m a programs coordinator for a local nonprofit that works with young gay, bi, trans men in health education and empowerment. I’ve done lots of advocacy work surrounding gender affirming healthcare access and homelessness affecting queer & trans communities alongside TEM and other local nonprofits. I’m currently serving as the Chair of Fresno Madera Continuum of Care’s LEAB working on making sure queer and trans voices are heard in programs that service people experiencing homelessness. I’d love to continue working with Trans-E-Motion on bringing more resources to the community and building bridges to communities we’re not already connected with.

Arien Reed

Running for Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and Board Member at Large

I’m running for Trans-E-Motion (TEM) again because I believe that when we uplift transgender people of color who are undocumented, who have disabilities, who speak English as a second language, who are old or underage, who were foster kids, or who have experienced incarceration or homelessness, then we will have uplifted everyone so that anyone can have a fair chance at a happy, productive, and successful life. Yes, I am a transgender man with invisible disabilities, and yes, my partner is a Black, Cherokee multiracial person of color, but that’s not why I do this. I have had a passion for human rights since I was a child marching around my elementary school protesting the rise of anti-Arab racism that followed 9/11. I co-founded the Allied Staff & Faculty Association at Fresno City College, co-edited the Anti-Racism Resolution for that college, and have served on many other committees, senates, and planning committees dedicated to uplifting diverse students. In 2022, I have been serving as the secretary of Trans-E-Motion. I am running for all positions on TEM again because I don’t care which role I serve in, I just want to continue to serve on this important committee in whichever capacity I am most needed so that I can do whatever I can to uplift the human beings who need my support the most.

Ajay Alvarez

Running for Secretary

Hello Community, Im Ajay, a little about me im 37 male who came from a small town of Reedley. I came from a conservative family on my dads side where I couldn’t be my authentic self. My moms side in Fresno, was very understanding and my mom was a huge supporter and still is to this day. Later in the years I moved to Palm Springs, decided the community was so nice where I learned to live myself and be open out in the community. Moving back to Fresno in 2013, I didn’t go out much until 2016, when I was offers a position helping a individual transition and yes I was up for a challenge. Along the way I learned to help my client get all the resources to help get them to be what they were desired to be there authentic self. Along the way I learned a lot about myself, having a talk with zoyer when o was a facilitator for trans e motion I was hiding I was non binary. Before I was afraid to be fully fem, what people would think but 2022 I came out as non binary and been wanting to be a good advocate for individuals who been bullied or who was told they couldn’t be who they desired to be. Being part of the board will mean a lot because I know some resources I know how to relate and, would love seeing successes in everyone’s journey.

April Taylor-Salery

Running for Treasurer 

I’ve been the treasurer for Transemotion since 2019. In the last 3 years the organization has grown and I am grateful to have been a part of that growth. I enjoy being a part of this organization and being able to support this community through this organization. I am running to be treasurer of Transemotion again this year to be able to expand on the progress and work that we were able to do last year.

Ruby Pereida

Running for Board Member at Large

Community, equality, equity, diversity, and the environment are my 5 biggest passions. I follow the golden rule of doing onto others as they do to me. When I see injustice, I want to help those in need. I like to believe I carry myself genuinely and love myself enough to love others and help others love themselves. With that being said, what better way to help change the world than to start in your community, specifically my hometown heart of Fresno.

Veronica Pina

Running for Board Member at Large

I worked with the Westcare BEAT program and met many trans individuals. I seen how poorly they were treated and instantly became an ally. I am in a relationship with a woman and was shocked when I realized how uneducated she was about the trans community. As I did research and learned more I shared it with her and pretty much everyone I knew to help raise awareness. I strongly believe that they have been outcast and judged for far too long and want to be a part of anything that not only raises awareness but gets me more involved in the community. I also run a homeless shelter and it's alarming to see the trans clients I have not have any kind of support or community belonging.

Carlos Lopez

Running for Board Member at Large

I'm a trans Chicano man with roots in Fresno, and I'm interested in being a board member because I want to connect to my local trans community and be a resource for trans masculine folks interested in bottom surgery. I work with Trans4Trans Caregiving, a mutual aid network that provides post surgical care to trans clients. As a post-phalloplasty individual, I feel strongly about helping others get through this incredibly difficult surgery and get to a place where they can feel comfortable in their bodies. I also work as an archaeologist on the High Speed Rail, and I feel very passionate about preserving/interpreting the history of the marginalized. I hope to be of service to the local trans community, especially the Latino trans community.

Katherine M Fobear

Running for Board Member at Large

I have been a proud board member of Trans-E-Motion since 2018. Through my time at Trans-E-Motion I have worked hard to build the organizations infrastructure in order to provide more support and resources for our trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive community. If elected I would continue to work hard in building resources, such as grant funding and programming.

Ashley Damo

Running for Board Member at Large

I have been a board member for TEM for the past two years and value the connections I have made and the work that we have been able to accomplish. I would love the opportunity to continue to support and advocate for the community in the Central Valley for as long as I can. Advocacy for the transgender community has been a passion of mine for years and I do not plan on stopping. If given the opportunity to be on the board again I would continue to assist TEM in developing programs, providing resources, and connecting to the community.