Board of Directors

Zoyer Zyndel


Zoyer  received his Bachelor's in English from Fresno State in 2012. He is currently on his Master's in the Social Work program at Fresno State. He has been an organizer with the LGBTQ+ community for 11 years

Jess Fitzpatrick


 Jess first started his activism as a volunteer organizer with Equality California, in trying to block Proposition 8 from getting on the ballot. Since then, he has done volunteer work with Fresno’s Reel Pride Film Festival, Fresno’s Pride Parade and Festival, Marriage Equality USA, and now Trans-E-Motion.

Ling Wong


Ling is a cis-gender male ally who has joined the organization since August 2016. Apart from maintaining the financial flow of the organization, he helps to facilitate support groups and outreach programs run by Trans-E-Motion. He advocates for sexuality and LGBTQ+ issues faced by people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Jordan Fitzpatrick


Jordan is a blind, pansexual female to male transsexual and is very passionate about fighting for transgender equality. He is currently studying to become a therapist and would like to specialize in helping people recover from trauma. Jordan’s other interests include economic equality, disability rights activism, politics, travel, writing, music, spirituality, and animals.

Marn E Rogers


Marn is a self-described survivor, fighter, child, parent, partner, lover, and a friend. He is passionate, loving, dedicated, caregiver to all that he claims as friends and/or family. He will advocate for those that have no voice, or cannot speak for themselves, 


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