Meet Our Board Members

Zayn Anthony He | Him| His


Zayn holds the title of Mister Tranz Fresno 2018 for Life- Imperial Dove Court de Fresno and Grand Marshal 2020- Fresno Pride Parade and Festival. He began his journey through drag in 2013 and became involved with local nonprofit organizations supporting the LGBT community. Zayn has volunteered with Trans-E-Motion for a few years and served as a board member at large in 2020. During his activism, Zayn has protested, yelled on street corners, performed to raise money for charity, educated professional organizations, school districts, local community members, family members and support systems with the basic knowledge needed to understand the letters LGBT, and the differences between them. Zayn is a licensed Barber, a Master Pet Groomer and a previous small business owner of over 10 years.

Ben Nehring He | Him| His


Ben obtained his Bachelor of Arts in History from Fresno State in 2020. He plans to continue his education so that he can teach history at the collegiate level. During his time at Fresno State, Ben tried his best to advocate for the transgender and LGBQ community. He hopes to continue advocating for the wider community as part of the board of Trans-E-Motion.

April Taylor-Salery She | Her | Hers


April is a marriage and family therapist who has dedicated her career and activism to the LGBTQ+ community. She has volunteered as part of our board for two years and served as treasurer in 2020 and currently Facilitates both of the organization’s support groups. She has worked with staff at Fresno State to present information on Affirmative LGBTQ+ therapy; in addition, she has provided education to local organizations to help improve the medical and mental health care of LGBTQ+ individuals. She enjoys spending her free time with her family, sewing, gardening, and reading a good book.  She looks forward to the future of the organization and the community. 

Ashley Damo She | Her | Hers

Member at Large

This is Ashley's first time serving as a board member for Trans E Motion, however, she has actively volunteered with TEM for the past several years. As a Liscensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Ashley has been able to serve and advocate for LGBTQ+ youth in the community. She hopes that by being on the board she will be able to further her own education and advocacy so that more individuals in the community receive the supoort they need and deserve. In her spare time Ashley enjoys spending time with friends, dancing salsa, traveling, and cooking. Ashley looks forward to this opportunity and whats in store for this new year.

Gavin Harrison He | Him | His

Member at Large

Gavin spends his time honing his skills as amateur baker and home chef for his friends and family. While waiting for dough to rise, he appreciates watching TV, listening to music, and gaming. When it’s time to get serious, Gavin works as an analyst for the County. Provoked by recent political events, he also aspires to get more involved in community efforts to make Fresno a safer and more equitable place for marginalized communities.

Kat Fobear She | Her | Hers

Member at Large

Kat is an assistant professor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Fresno State. She has served and volunteered for several lgbtq community groups and has been a proud member at large for TEM for four years. She is passionate about being a better cisgender ally and collaborator with our diverse trans and gender non conforming community